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Simplicity of Design and Operation

The ANDE Platform consists of the following components:
Collection Swab: The ANDE System uses a sample collection swab that employs RFID technology to automatically track the placement of each sample in the BioChipSet Cassette, eliminating any opportunity for operator error or sample mix up during the sample loading process. The swab can collect samples ranging from buccal swabs to blood and from touch samples to tissue, permitting the ANDE System processes DNA from a wide variety of sample types and substrates.
BioChipSet™ Cassette:  The ANDE BioChipSet Cassette (BCS) is a fully integrated lab-on-a-chip that performs all sample processing steps required for STR analysis, including purification, multiplexed STR amplification, and fragment sizing using electrophoretic separation and laser induced fluorescence detection.  The BCS contains all reagents required to perform STR analysis, including CODIS and expanded CODIS STR assays, and is stable at room temperature for 6 months.
Fully Automated Instrument:  The ANDE System contains all of the hardware, software, and firmware required for fully automated and integrated sample processing and data capture and analysis.  The instrument is portable and ruggedized; it requires no recalibration or optical alignment after transport. The instrument can be installed and ready to run samples in under 20 minutes from unpacking and can be easily operated by non-technical personnel. It stores and exports all data securely using encryption algorithms and has tiered user account privileges to limit user access to profile data and system settings to ensure data security and privacy.
Automated Data Analysis and Data Management Software: The ANDE System employs an automated expert genotyping software for interpretation of STR profiles. The ANDE System also comes with the ANDE Data Management Software that enables off-instrument data management. Search and match capability and intuitive databasing are fully integrated into the ANDE platform.
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