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Field-Forward Solutions

To maximize the impact of DNA analysis for law enforcement, homeland defense, disaster victim identification, and military applications, rapid DNA systems must be operable in the field. NetBio’s instruments have been designed and tested to U.S. Military ruggedization standards for reliable operation in almost any field forward operating environment and are capable of car, truck, and air transport. NetBio's products are designed to withstand and function under environmental extremes including temperature, humidity, and airborne particulates.
  • Time to Answer: The faster DNA results are available, the more they can impact critical military, forensic, homeland security, and intelligence decisions.
  • Non-Technical Operators: Current DNA analysis instruments are difficult to use and require highly trained operators. NetBio's products have been designed for use by non-technical personnel, enabling Rapid DNA Analysis technology to be used anywhere, at anytime, to improve societal safety.
  • Ease-of-use: NetBio offers a single, fully-integrated consumable that performs all aspects of DNA processing. Samples are placed in the consumable and the consumable is placed into the instrument—no other operator manipulation is required.
  • Stable Consumables: In the field, refrigeration equipment is generally unavailable or cumbersome. NetBio’s consumables have 6 month shelf life at room temperature, critical for applications at the border, in the police station, at the disaster site, or in the battlefield.
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