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ANDE™ Systems


The NetBio ANDE™ System is a rugged, portable rapid DNA analysis system that brings the gold standard investigative technique for human identification out of the lab and to the places where the data is needed most.  The ANDE System extends the operational location for DNA analysis to deliver actionable intelligence directly to the field – whether a refugee camp, forward operating base, remote disaster region, maritime operation, or other response site. From Swab-In to Profile-Out, the fully automated system allows non-technical professionals to quickly generate up to five DNA profiles in a single analysis.


  • Rapid, reliable analysis. Leverages gold standard DNA analysis technology to quickly deliver full STR profiles in less than 85 minutes.
  • Easy to use. Designed for use by field personnel. Just insert the samples to initiate the automated analysis—no manual processing steps are required.
  • Secure sample tracking. Sample vials are individually RFID tagged to ensure chain of custody, sample management, and contamination avoidance from start to finish.
  • Rugged design. Meets MIL-STD-810G military standards for ruggedness – no recalibration needed after deployment.

System Operation

1. Collect five samples
2. Insert sample ID/RFID
3. Load sample swabs
4. Insert BioChipSet
5. Close door to start
Complete DNA profile in 85 minutes


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