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NetBio is redefining what’s possible for rapid DNA analysis.  By bringing the gold standard in DNA analysis to the field, NetBio delivers a powerful new capability to military, intelligence, immigration, disaster response and criminal Investigative functions. Applications include:


Disaster victim identification and reunification

In the wake of natural or manmade disaster, it can take weeks – often months or even years – to identify victims in the wreckage, in temporary shelters for the wounded or displaced, or in hospitals. And for families seeking information, this time can be excruciating.

The ANDE System will significantly aid in timely victim identification to expedite justice and bring closure to families. In addition, ANDE will allow rapid on-site DNA analysis of the unidentified injured and surviving victims, allowing them to be expeditiously accounted for and reunited with their families, minimizing the long and painful waiting period to learn the fate of loved ones.


Unclaimed minor verification and human trafficking

DNA analysis is the only biometric analysis technique that can positively identify familial relationships, making it a powerful tool for fighting human trafficking and kidnapping.  DNA profiles from the ANDE System can be used to verify visa claims, refuse anonymity to traffickers, assist with family reunification, confirm adoption, and assist country-of-origin-returns for displaced persons with limited or no documentation.


Military operations

NetBio enables military personnel to quickly identify individuals and evidence to help the military fulfill its mission to deter war and to protect the security of our country.


Other Applications

  • Mobile forensics and crime scene analysis
  • Immigration, refugee and asylee DNA collection
  • Family reunification
  • Paternity testing and confirmation
  • Rapid enrollment for biometric databases
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