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  • Delivering on the promise – today

    Based on more than a decade of advanced research and development, NetBio’s Rapid DNA Analysis™ solutions deliver actionable and accurate results in real time, in the field.
  • Disaster Victim Identification

    In the wake of natural or manmade disasters, it can take weeks – and often months or years – to identify victims in the wreckage, shelters, or hospitals. NetBio’s Rapid DNA Analysis solutions enable faster response, reuniting families and providing closure for loved ones.

  • Mobile Forensics and Crime Scene Investigations

    In an active investigation, time is of the essence. NetBio gives law enforcement the actionable information needed to identify wanted offenders and persons of interest, exonerate the innocent, prioritize field work, and better protect the communities they serve.
  • Defense and Homeland Security

    NetBio enables military personnel to quickly identify individuals and evidence to help the military fulfill its mission to deter war and to protect the security of our country.
  • Transformational Technology
  • Proven Results
  • Rapid DNA Analysis Highlights

The conventional approach to human DNA identification requires days to weeks of work by highly skilled technicians using sophisticated equipment which is operated and maintained in a lab. NetBio is disrupting the market by enabling human DNA identification in a fraction of the current time required – while still executing rigorous and widely accepted analytical techniques. By transforming conventional lab manipulations into automated microfluidic workflows and using an intuitive interface that guides the operator through the process, NetBio solutions deliver up to five robust DNA profiles in less than 85 minutes

NetBio’s products:
  • Eliminate all technical manipulations, transforming conventional laboratory manipulations and data analysis into fully-automated, fully-integrated workflows.
  • Perform Rapid DNA Analysis outside the laboratory, allowing human identification and clinical diagnostics to be performed in the field and at the point of care, where rapid results are needed most.
  • Are easy to use, enabling non-technical users to operate the system in the field, further reducing time to result and expanding the utility of Rapid DNA Analysis.

NetBio technology is undergoing a comprehensive multi-laboratory validation study with leading international and US accredited NDIS forensic laboratories. Their evaluation covers the entire system from “swab-in to profile-out” and is based on an extensive set of FBI Quality Assurance Standards. Results of this study will be used to seek NDIS approval to enable forensic laboratories to submit STR profiles to CODIS. Note that to date, no Rapid DNA instruments have been approved by the FBI.



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